Political correctness and religious conviction just doesn’t mix in today’s brainwashed culture. This poor guy found out the hard way because he’s now in the unemployment line after he related his views on the LGBTQ to sin. Too bad the folks at CrossFit can’t be as open minded about their employees religious beliefs. Gee, I wonder if CrossFit would feel the same way about religion and sin against the LGBTQ community, if they hired a Muslim Chief Knowledge Officer.

CBN News has the ridiculous details of this ridiculous story.

CrossFit fired its chief knowledge officer, Russell Berger, after he said on Twitter that he personally believes celebrating LGBT pride is a sin.

Berger was referring to an Indianapolis CrossFit gym’s decision to cancel an LGBT-Pride themed workout. Berger applauded the gym for saying pride is neither godly, nor healthy and “true health forever can only be found within humility.”

He also called out those in the LGBTQ movement who “lack tolerance for disagreement.”

Seriously? A CrossFit LGBTQ workout? What on earth? And intolerance is only bad if you have religious convictions?

However, CrossFit just didn’t see it that way.

The controversy must have rattled cages, because CrossFit canceled its “special” exercise event.


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