Good grief! Brits have lost what ever was left of any common sense they ever had. When a little child can’t play with toys, even the future king, because misinformed, radical, politically corrected liberals can’t stomach it, things have gone completely out of control.

The Independent has the story and the photos. You’ll be shaking your head on this one.

Prince George was pictured playing alongside Princess Charlotte and The Duchess of Cambridge yesterday, but not everyone was happy about the four-year-old’s choice of toy – a pretend gun.

… Images from the event captured Prince George playing with a toy gun, knife and handcuffs which, given the youngster’s known interest in the police, came as no surprise to some.

… Despite this, the images have subsequently sparked a debate on Twitter with many calling the decision to let Prince George play with a toy gun “disappointing.”

And then Twitter goes nuts…

“Sad to see George playing with a gun when the whole country has a gun/knife crime situation,” one person wrote.

But it wasn’t all bad…

Other Twitter users came to George’s defence claiming that it was simply a case of “kids being kids.”

Someone wrote: “Can’t believe people are booting off about Prince George playing with a toy gun and handcuffs! 

“He’s a child most likely playing cops and robbers! People are so dramatic.”

This is how you brainwash a culture. Start when they are young. It will stay with them forever. Too bad Britain has fallen for the obscure narrative and delusional ideology.


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