As most of America is looking for the Mueller investigations to come to an end, indictments start to roll out of the Justice Department. And with good reason, and maybe it’s about damned time. Leaks have been a major roadblock to advancing the Trump agenda and securing a cabinet that can actually get some things done.

The Washington Times has this latest development.

The former top security officer for the Senate intelligence committee was arrested Thursday and charged with lying about leaks of classified information.

The indictment indicates James A. Wolfe leaked information to reporters on Trump campaign figure Carter Page.

The charges — three counts of lying to the FBI about contacts with reporters — are a black eye for the intelligence committee, some of whose members have been among the fiercest critics of Mr. Trump.

Mr. Wolfe’s arrest comes the same day that the New York Times said the Justice Department had seized years worth of email and phone records belonging to one of its reporters, Ali Watkins.

And they also seized phone records too!

Ali Watkins learned Feb. 13 from federal prosecutors about the seizure of data related to two email accounts and a phone number— though not the messages content — from telecommunications companies, including Verizon and Google.

The seizure of Ms. Watkins‘ records grew out of a leak investigation against James A. Wolfe, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s former director of security, with whom Ms. Watkins was romantically involved.

… According to the Times, the seizure of her records is the first known instance of Trump administration investigators going after a reporter’s data, although the Obama administration normalized the practice in its aggressive investigations of leaks.

Like I said, it’s about damned time.


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