Well, this guy will hopefully think twice before he tries this stunt again. And all those radical gun control nuts should also think twice because the next home intruder could be coming through their own doors at 3:00 a.m. A gun kept this family safe.

KFSM News has the story.

A homeowner wrestled with an intruder before shooting him in the head overnight in Crawford County, the sheriff said Wednesday (June 6).

Sheriff Ron Brown said the homeowner’s alarm went off about 3 a.m. in the 2700 block of Clear Creek Road near Kibler. The homeowner grabbed his shotgun and went to investigate the source of the alarm. He told deputies that when he opened the door, the intruder attacked him.

The intruder was identified as Todd Byrns, 47.

Luckily the homeowner was able to wrestle his way free but not before firing a shot at this guy straight to the head. Byrns fled and was later picked up by police who took him to the Regional hospital for treatment.

So, this is the best reason ever to maintain strong second amendment freedoms. A law enforcement officer was not readily available when this creep busted through the homeowner’s door. Who knows how this story would have ended had he not been able to protect himself and his family.


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