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There are certain dates on the Jewish calendar that hold great significance. As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, let us reflect on the supernatural alignment God has made with America and Israel. Not by accident, July 4, 1776, the birth of America, fell on the 17th of Tammuz on the Hebraic calendar, known as Shiva Asar …

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Alveda King almost wasn’t born. Her mother wanted an abortion so she could continue school but her grandfather was able to talk her out of it. Her father, AD King was the younger brother of MLK and an activist in his own right. When Alveda was still a young girl, her home was firebombed. From …

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During his short life and successful career, Justin Bieber has done some really bizarre things, so what he shared with his fans , while not as wild as some of his antics, is shocking to many nonetheless. So what was it that Bieber did that was so shocking? He sent his fans a picture of …

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Russell Brand is well known for two things. His shocking sense of humor and drugs. In his short lifetime, he has been called many things and although he was never religious, he was always spiritual in a creepy kind of way. So, what does Brand recommend for America? Brand thinks the country has become dysfunctional. Technology, …

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This story about the candy cane goes back to the greatest story ever told: the reason for the season, the celebration of the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus! A candy maker in Indiana sought to create a candy that would be a reminder of Jesus Christ, so he made the Christmas candy cane. The candy …

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When we can move forward and create a lifestyle of moving forward consistently in faith, pushing against the opposition and the resistance that continually will reveal itself, then we will create and walk in a lifestyle, and create a life, that is full of abundance.

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We co-labor with the Father and with all of heaven by us extending our faith of hope and of trust and a heart of thankfulness and resting in peace. We are extending that out to the kingdom, allowing then and giving the right frequency, if you will, for heaven to invade our circumstances and to bring the things out of the supernatural that we need in the natural. That is how we co-labor with the Father and with the kingdom and in the kingdom.

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Strongholds and Spiritual Battles Over DC!  

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