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  My fellow Americans. David Jay Harris Jr. here it’s a little dark outside. Yes it’s night it’s almost midnight here in Washington D.C. I just had the opportunity to meet well and meet but Donald Trump called me out I got to I got to get pretty close to him. He came into the …

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That. Who are you kidding me. Are you are you kidding me. Oh my. Russia. Russia Russia. Syria. Is all over. Everywhere. We even. Have to leave the liberal. Propaganda Machine. They’re all. There. They’re all they’re all going Hillary and. She says whatever the boss. She’s the boss. That way. And if so. How …

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Are we there yet? David Harris here, coming to you live from California. Yeah, I’m a deplorable Californian but I have a message for all of my liberal friends. I have a message for all of my friends that voted for Bernie Sanders, for all my friends that voted for Obama. I have a message for all my friends that voted for Hilary. And if you have friends like I do that are leaning to the left, that voted for Hilary, that voted for Obama, please share this message because I have a message for all of them.

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Wow. I cannot keep silent anymore. I just watched the debate, and I gotta tell you, as a Christian black man—and that’s the order—it’s God first for me. It’s God first for me, period. As a Christian black man, I 100 percent support Donald Trump…He brought up so many points that Hillary dodged over and over again. She’s a career politician. The one thing that he brought up in the very beginning—in the very beginning he brought this up—was the issue of abortion.

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This man, Donald J. Trump, could have legally avoided paying almost any tax whatsoever, and yet they just released—get this—CNN just released that Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005…In the short time that Donald Trump has been in office, he’s bringing jobs back. He’s over 200—almost 250—thousand jobs that he’s bringing back or that are pledged to start in the United States. He’s already started to crack down on sex trafficking. They had 474 arrests in southern California alone just last week. He’s pledged $25 billion to the historically black colleges and universities fund of which Obama only pledged and only contributed $4 billion. That’s six times what Obama did. And now it’s come out that the man paid his taxes and paid plenty of his fair share.

David J. Harris Jr.: Hello everyone, David James Harris Jr. here. I’m a concerned American citizen. If you’re in America, you should be too. Heck, if you’re in any part of the world, you should be concerned about what’s going on in the United States. There is another Women’s March coming up. I was at …