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Intro Transcript 00:02 It’s Hump Day. Tgi W folks, t g I w. thank God it’s Wednesday. You got to think of her everyday because you know what? Some people did not wake up this morning. Some people didn’t. You got to know it. You gotta be thankful for every single day. I know I …

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Hello Facebook Family David Harris here and I’m excited to be sitting next to a good friend of mine Gary haven. Gary is the founder of the world’s largest and fastest growing franchise in American history curse. You probably heard about curves. He’s the founder of that and he’s got his hands a lot other things …

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This is the David James Harris Jr. show I was first introduced to Romero peña from my good friend Lance wall now he shared with me that Ramiro had access to the White House that he was an incredible man of God serving God’s people all over the world. And he also fell in love with …

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Hello family and friends from around the country and around the world. My goodness. My video from yesterday has gone viral. It’s hit one hundred thousand views. Has not even been 24 hours yet.

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David James Harris junior year proud California deplorable and I’m excited today oh my gosh it is absolutely un raveling it is all on raveling. Just how close we came as a country with Hillary getting an office office with the way Obama was coming out about Obama and how he was utilizing the Department of Justice.

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