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The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit investigated 153 blocks in downtown San Francisco and what they found was a real eye opener. It’s a situation which presents life threatening conditions, especially for curious smaller children. The streets are covered with needles that the local junkies carelessly toss onto the ground that can be a magnet …

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For years, liberals and conspiracy theory hacks have refused to vaccinate their children, claiming the vaccine causes deaths to those who are given the shot. Now, the current death toll for children ages 2 months to 17 years of age stands at 84 and is still climbing. The CDC (Centers for Disease and Prevention…How did …

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You’ve heard David talk about it, now give it a look.  See what living life uncorked is all about, and how we are a health and wellness company with products that just work! Now If you’re like me, you want to be healthy but you need something thats simple and easy.  You don’t want to …

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Be a finisher. Be a strong finisher. Finish strong. Choose to finish strong. And choose to create a lifestyle of finishing strong. And in doing that, you will create a lifestyle that, I believe, will have massive, massive blessing and favor on it.

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