An elderly man was assaulted in an I-90 tunnel on Wednesday after he approached Black Lives Matter protestors for blocking all lanes of traffic.

Demonstrators had illegally parked their cars at the end of an I-90 tunnel around 10:30 that morning. They stretched themselves across the freeway lanes, trapping hundreds of drivers inside the tunnel for around 20 minutes. The protestors played the drums, chanted in the echoing chambers of the tunnel, holding signs that read “Indigenous Lives Matter,” “If you’re upset imagine being black,” “powa 2 da people”, and “defund SPD”.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) was called and they sent several troopers to respond and arrest the demonstrators for disorderly conduct.

Before state troopers arrived, one elderly man exited his vehicle and approached the Black Lives Matter protestors, obviously agitated about the entire event. Video shows him yelling at the protestors, attempting to clear the path for his car to leave the tunnel.

The elderly man came close to the demonstrators, but initially did not touch them. Then, one demonstrator put himself directly in the lane of traffic the man was clearing. The man began pushing the demonstrator away, but other demonstrators quickly surrounded him. That’s when one demonstrator rushed in from the man’s right side, wrapped his arm around the man’s neck, and took him to the ground.

Black Lives Matter protester jumps on older man on I-90 near Seattle and takes him to the ground with a choke hold. This…

Posted by Preston Phillips on Thursday, September 17, 2020

According to Preston Phillips, a journalist for KOMO 4 ABC News, the man was telling protestors that he was trying to get to the hospital for an important procedure.

When WSP troopers arrived, the protestors dispersed and no arrests were made. WSP is looking for witnesses to identify the man who assaulted the driver. Witnesses have already provided license plate numbers for the cars that were blocking the tunnel.

Blocking traffic has been a common tactic used by Seattle demonstrators over the summer. Nine people were arrested earlier this month for blocking I-5 traffic.

Only two months ago, the tactic turned deadly. During an early July protest, a driver struck two protestors, killing one of them. WSP quickly announced that protests would no longer be allowed on I-5 due to its highly dangerous nature for both drivers and protestors.

“We’re there to support their First Amendment to march and say what you need to say, but on the freeway with cars it’s just not a good thing,” Trooper Rick Johnson told KIRO Radio in July.

According to the Seattle Times, protestors had marched into traffic 19 consecutive nights prior to the incident.

WSP released a statement on Wednesday’s demonstration, reminding the public that blocking roadways is a serious offense and can be a matter of life or death:

“The Washington State Patrol would also like to stress that illegally blocking the road has consequences that affect the ability of ambulances trying to get to the hospital and all the other first responders trying to get to emergency calls. Ultimately this could mean life or death.”

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett

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  • Wait i thought that’s what Seattle wanted less police?And they keep electing the same old Democratic leaders.And they haven’t even started laying off yet LOL.Common sense should have voted more spending on the police.BUT I’m glad they got what they wanted have fun you…..silly people.

  • The outrage is hilarious. Illegal PARKING? Really? Lame. Get a clue. For every “ant tea pha” (spelled phonetically so people can read it….)…. “terrorist” there are dozens of people murdered without cause (some in THEIR home because of carelessness!). Its a 2 way street. Treat the criminals like criminals but maybe think an aim twice before another EMT is shot in her own home. And if police shoot innocent people by accident…. wow…. I really want everyone else packing with the excellent judgment I’ve seen lately.

  • Despite only disgust me! A young man if you want to call in that counseling on an elderly man the man had a place to go and they were blocking the highway. I am so sick of them saying this is about black lives matter it’s not it’s about domestic terrorism until they get what the hell they want! Enough is enough and the so called silent majority the Trump supporters they’re going to come out swinging if this goes too far!

  • This site is just another LEFTIST FAKE NEWS site. Peaceful protests my ass!! Keep it up, because we are a pressure cooker ready to explode. The first place that we need to “PEACEFULLY PROTEST” should be the mayor’s place that forces our LEO’s to stand down!!! Then we’ll take care of the rest of you cowards that have a ratio of 1 – 20 on your side. It will be in our favor if you ever see us, I promise.

  • Maybe if the silent majority would STOP being silent. Stand up for yourselves. Out of all of those people in the tunnel only one person stepped up. The majority has turned into nothing more than a bunch of pussies. TAKE YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE TERRORIST.

  • This is disgusting to watch! BLM is disgraceful. Stop acting so ghetto. None of you are supressed. It’s an excuse to act like idiots. Grow the fu*k up and stop being nasty to white people. I hope they find and put this idiot in jail for attacking an elderly man. Why did they not make any arrests? That’s ridiculous, to continue to let them get away with this. This wouldn’t happen in Florida! We don’t tolerate that crap here.

  • Why isn’t this charged as holding people hostage? When you cannot exit and you are in a closed off tunnel with violent offenders threatening you, and you cannot leave
    You are being held hostage.

  • The “elderly” man clearly grabbed and touched numerous folks before anyone laid a hand on him. When some extreme and uncalled for and.disgusting, great deal of BLM protesters pulled the young man from his victim and were clearly condemning his actions. I am just describing the events which took place during this video. No political commentary, not subjective hyperbole. Just watch.the video, folks. You’ll see the.truth is intentionally obfuscated so reader emotions can be manipulated into arguing’s opinion.rather.than engagement in calm discourse shows.