Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he is holding off on any congratulations for a U.S. presidential victor until the results are official.

The statements were made during a Sunday broadcast on state television.

“We will work with any person who will be given the trust of the American people,” Putin said. “But who will be given this trust? It must either be indicated by political custom when one of the parties recognizes the victory of the other, or the final results of the elections are summed up in a legitimate, legal way.”

He stressed that there is “no hidden motive” behind his government’s decisions to withhold their congratulations.

“Reviews and recounts in some states are still continuing,” he explained, “without which the results of the election cannot be officially announced.”

“We are just waiting for the end of the internal political confrontation.”

Several world leaders have already offered their congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Among those leaders are Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and Australian PM Scott Morrison.

This week, President Trump advised Emily Murphy, chief of the General Services Administration, to begin the presidential transition process “in the best interest” of the country, even while lawsuits and recounts in several states remain underway.

While many say this is a clear indication that Biden is the official president-elect, the Kremlin has stated that “nothing has changed”, and they will continue to wait for official results before offering any type of acknowledgment of a clear victor.

State results are currently in the process of certification.

The election will not be certified and official until the meeting of the Electoral College on December 14th.

In the meantime, lawsuits and recounts and hearings continue.

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett graduated from Liberty University in 2017 with her Bachelor's in Politics and Policy. She grew up in the great Pacific Northwest and temporarily resides in northern California. She also writes as "the Evergreen Conservative" at

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  • Dear Author,

    Thank you for the article.

    The lede is… misleading, at best. There is no “President-Elect,” not even an informal one (there isn’t any such thing).

    No one is certified. The electoral college has not met. Much has yet to be done.

    Maybe an article with this: “Putin One Of Many World Leaders Waiting For US Presidential Outcome”. Which would be accurate, and true.

    Please do better. We need great journalists, and I think you could definitely become one.

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