Protestors in the streets of Portland burned Bibles in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse on Friday night as protests continue unabated since late May.

Video of the Bible-burning activity was posted to Twitter:

Video was also captured of the American flag being burned while crowds cheered:

The July 31st protest is largely being reported as mostly peaceful. According to Fox News, “protestors were quick to chastise rogue actors.”

The Portland Police Bureau reported that “the crowd was subdued” through the night, but some lit fires, climbed the federal courthouse fences, and “threw objects and chanted.”

“There was no police interaction with the crowd,” the report ended.

Sean Feucht, a worship leader in Northern California, is partnering with local churches in Portland to host a worship event in response to the violent events in Portland. In a Fox News interview, Feucht said of the event that “it’s going to be peaceful, it’s going to be full of love, we’re going to sing, we’re going to worship.”

Feucht went further to say that “we’re hoping that even through our worship that we can start to change the atmosphere over that city.”

In response to the Bible burnings, Feucht tweeted that “Burning Bibles won’t stop what God has planned for Portland!”

Feucht has been hosting worship events up and down the California coast over the past month in response to the California government’s ban on worship during the COVID pandemic. His events have drawn hundreds of people and have been marked by celebratory worship, the preaching of the Gospel, salvations, and water baptisms.

The worship event in Portland will be held at Waterfront Park on August 8th.

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett graduated from Liberty University in 2017 with her Bachelor's in Politics and Policy. She grew up in the great Pacific Northwest and temporarily resides in northern California. She also writes as "the Evergreen Conservative" at

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