Joe Biden recently hurt his foot when playing with his dog. Immediately, his team worked to release a fluffy little statement to gloss over the incident. They informed that he was just going to the hospital as a “precautionary measure.” Then we found out that he actually hurt himself. 

I don’t really care that Biden hurt his ankle. As painful as I’m sure that is, he’ll be fine. The problem I have is the inconsistency and hypocrisy. When Trump was running for office and when he was elected president, the Democrats went after him hard for his health. They consistently criticized his weight, eating and sleep habits, and lifestyle choices.

They had nothing else to attack him for so they grasped at straws and went for his health. Trump had COVID yet he worked instead of resting and is going strong. Where was the media’s coverage of that? Where were the Democrats complaints about his health then?

Biden gets a hairline fracture in his foot and aside from a few media reports just saying what happened, they’re silent. Democrats aren’t saying a word. The health of the president is arguably pretty important. When someone chooses to put themselves in the public eye, they’re going to be criticized and dissected. However, if there’s nothing to go after someone for, we shouldn’t make up stuff so we can pretend that the president is unfit for service.

Almost like how people are handling Biden’s hurt foot. 

Another little issue I have with this is how Biden got hurt. I love dogs so I wouldn’t mind that he was playing with his except for the fact that he’s supposedly “President-Elect Biden” and should be working, not playing around. Yet again, if we were to replace Biden with Trump in this instance people would be going nuts saying that he’s not taking his job seriously. 

Biden is going to be the oldest president in history if he takes office in January. He really should be a bit more careful. But then again, Democrats probably don’t care a whole lot about what happens to him since they’re going to make sure Kamala ends up the president one way or another. 

“President Elect Biden” was able to play with his dog and just hang around because he’s barely done anything during his whole campaign. From the second he was told to run for office he’s been just hanging back in his basement letting Kamala and his campaign team do all the heavy lifting. 

I feel like conservatives are kind of giving up. I see such a decline in hope and unity and a complacency because people are starting to realize Biden and Harris will more than likely become president. If his little foot incident shows us anything, it’s that he really isn’t going to be more than a puppet. 

Every second the Democrats show their true colors, their hypocrisy. Trump tweeted for Biden to get better yet when Trump had COVID, Democrats were tweeting they hoped he and his family died. 

Instead of letting Biden’s foot fracture go unnoticed, I encourage you, let this remind you just what the Democrats are capable of and just how unfit Biden is for office. 

Then let that fuel you to fight harder for this country every day of your life.


Brittany Slaughter

Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses. She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BSlaughterReal.

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  • I’m not discouraged, I’m angry.
    The Democrats are acting like yapping little dogs nipping at our heels and making people feel discouraged and uncomfortable. Stop listening to them. If everything that the Trump Team has done to prove fraud is exhausted (by their account not the media’s), fine. We will prevail as Conservatives always do.

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