Recently six billboards saying “No Police, No Peace” went up, according to The Daily Signal- two in New York, Dallas, and Atlanta. And they are beautiful.

The message they are promoting is simple. Without police, where does safety come from? Of course, there are bad apples, there are everywhere. But what happens to the people that are abused, raped, robbed, kidnapped, hurt- you get the point. Without police, who protects them? Who will promote justice and be a force for good? Who will we call when our homes are being broken into?

You’ve probably seen the memes with the dispatcher answering the phone and saying “Your home is being broken into? Wow, sorry about that, we’ve been defunded, good luck out there.” It’s one of the best memes to come out of 2020, not just because it’s witty, but because it’s so true. The left can preach about getting rid of police all that they want, but when it comes down to it, they’ll be the first ones going to call them when something goes wrong.

I mean it’s not like they can defend themselves with their second amendment right, given that they don’t believe in it. I at least know that if someone attacks me or breaks into my house I can defend myself with my “right to bear arms.” 

Police officers get up every day and put on a badge and a gun, go to work and respond to calls without the luxury of deciding whether or not they want to respond. They may not know when they answer the call what the victim’s skin color is. They don’t respond based on that. Law enforcement officers do what they must to protect their communities and themselves. Sometimes they lay down their lives for this cause. The skin color of the officer and victim should never even be mentioned, it doesn’t matter.

Recently, two officers were shot just sitting in a patrol car.  They’re fighting for their lives currently. They did nothing. They were just on patrol ready and waiting for someone in the area to call in asking for help. But instead of being able to go help others, they were shot and could have been killed. The last report I saw was that it looks like they’ll make it, thank the Lord.

Both Trump and Biden have condemned the act. Does that tell you anything about how awful this is? 

The billboards that went up recently stating “no police, no peace” state exactly what is going to happen if the police are defunded. People seem to think that getting rid of the police is going to get rid of violence. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, they are dangerously wrong. 

We need to get away from the idea that people that are in positions of authority to keep us safe are all evil just because a few are. Democrats don’t seem to realize that if police are removed from the equation, their safety is gone too. If attacked, there will be no one to save them. If robbed, there will be no one to recover lost items, the list goes on. Celebrities won’t have guarded protection at their houses and on tours. The protection and peace of the world will be gone.

The police officers who killed George Floyd were arrested. Floyd got justice. But the world hasn’t gotten peace.

Get rid of police officers and we’ll never have it again.


Brittany Slaughter

Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses. She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BSlaughterReal.

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  • Great article, I’m only going to say based on your last sentence about Floyd – got justice? It turns out he was on a high amount of fentanyl, so leaning on his neck may have contributed but was not solely the cause of his death. We also know about the (real) Jacob Blake story and these isolated incidents are a very small percentage and instead became the focus of an over-blown “movement” claiming systemic racism and police brutality..I’ve been around 54yrs…where’s the systemic racism? Tell me what anyone in the black community is prevented from doing that everyone else can? It’s nonsense…Don Lemonhead tried to bring Morgan Freeman on and bait him, but he set him straight n that this is the best time in America’s history for the black community (so far).

  • No Peace?? Then No Life for the left… We will Mow you down and bag up[ the cuttings…See if the Leftists make better fertilizer than humans.

  • Don’t shop at corporations that cave in to BLM. Plain and simple, they donate your money to the violent mob that will one day slither into your neighborhoods.
    Look at their message boards – CEO’s sympathizing with George Floyd ? Are you kidding me ? He was a thug, nothing less.
    CEO’s and politicians knee jerk reactions to trendy leftist unemployable scum tactics will be their own undoing…possibly yours.

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