Can I be honest with you for a minute? (I know, a reporter being honest is somewhat of an anomaly.) I’m conflicted. The current political climate is about to drive me crazy, you as well, I’m sure. 

The media keeps showing me stories of Biden’s transition of power and Harris’ power moves for getting to the White House. Conservatives in my social media keep reminding me that it isn’t over yet. The Electoral College still hasn’t voted and many counties and states are recounting the ballots. 

I want to believe that a miracle will happen and Trump will remain in the White House. I’m a firm believer that the truth will always come out in the end. However, there’s a really good chance that the truth won’t come out for years. It’s more than likely that Biden and Harris will occupy the White House in a few months. 

Conservatives, whatever the outcome, we must remain united. I don’t mean united like the Democrats claimed everyone was after the alleged Biden/Harris win a few weeks ago. America was “united” until conservatives decided to peacefully march to show support of Trump. Liberals claimed to be united when Biden and Harris won simply because conservatives have more class and morals than to burn down buildings if something doesn’t go our way.

When I say united, I mean really and truly united. When I look around, I see conservatives marching, smiling, and nodding to one another in a silent solidarity. I see Trump flags proudly waving in the wind. But more than what I see, I feel it. There’s something special happening, a type of revival both for conservatives and Christians.

People that once were silent about their beliefs are starting to become talk. Instead of just posting on social media and quietly voting and rooting for Trump in the shadows, the silent majority are defending their beliefs with bravery. They’re putting their fear of what may happen aside to be bold in the face of adversity. 

I see limits on guns and ammo. I’ve heard how guns are flying off the shelves. Christians are becoming more vocal abou abortion and actually actively working to end it. There are revivals happening in this country. Conservatives are waking up and banning together like never before. Christians are finally realizing how important it is to get involved in politics.

Conservatives, if Biden and Harris take the White House soon, we can’t let this momentum die, we must let it continue to grow. If the White House becomes Democratic run, things are going to get worse than they are currently. We can’t allow ourselves to become divided. If we give up, we fall. If we stay united, we’ll stand strong. 

If we allow ourselves to be divided by small differences or back down from the fight we’re facing, liberals win and this country will be divided 100 different ways. We must stand strong and stand tall no matter what the future holds. 

We have a fight on our hands and we must remain firm in our faith, our beliefs, and stand firm for one another. We must band together to fight for what America stands for. We can’t let what Trump has fought for the past four years to go to waste.

Conservatives, Americans, we’re united right now but if we don’t stay that way, we will fall later, and it won’t be pretty.


Brittany Slaughter

Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses. She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BSlaughterReal.

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