Today there was supposed to be a Black Lives Matter protest at my school, Liberty University. The protest wasn’t organized by the school, but by individual students. It ended up being pushed to next week, but I saw something posted by a friend on Facebook about it that really set me off. 

Every year, Liberty students are excused from classes to attend the March for Life in Washington, DC. It’s a great opportunity for students to represent Liberty and stand up for life. It’s very generous that students are allowed to skip classes, but that just shows what a great school LU is. What set me off was my “friend” posting that professors should be excusing students for the BLM protest and if they don’t and claim to be pro-life they really aren’t.

So, if you don’t support Black Lives Matter, a racist (yes, racist), dangerous, evil movement, you can’t also consider yourself pro-life, apparently.

First off, the opinion of one clearly confused person on Facebook does not have the power to determine what I stand for. Which, if you’re wondering, is life. I stand for life, justice, and rights.

I stand for protecting unborn lives, honesty in the justice system, and no one taking my freedom of worship or right to bear arms.

What I don’t stand for, is the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s not that I don’t support black people, of course I do. I support people of all skin colors and various backgrounds. I don’t look at people’s skin colors, but their heart and actions.

And when looking at the heart content and actions of those that support the Black Lives Matter movement and protests, I am not impressed. I don’t stand for senseless violence and dangerous protests, looting, or vandalism. Anyone that does needs to get their heart and head checked. 

Now, please don’t think that this girl’s post made me write an entire article. She merely reminded me of an awful stigma associated with Black Lives Matter and the pro-life movement that you have to be for both to be truly pro-life.  If you’re truly pro-life, you believe all lives matter. You stand for police, you stand for those that are in the right and advocate for justice of those that have been wronged. 

George Floyd shouldn’t have died, agreed. But Jacob Blake should have been shot. I will die on this hill if I have to. If you rape someone, especially a young girl, then resist arrest, putting your kids in danger in the process, and the police feel the need to shoot you to neutralize the threat that you are, then yeah, you’re going to get shot, and you don’t deserve protests or speeches in your honor. 

There is a dangerous stigma in this country that if you are black you should be turned into a martyr if you’re arrested or harmed during an arrest. BLM completely ignores the reason for arrest and instead advocates for violence. The BLM organization stands for murder, getting rid of police officers, and racism. So, no, I don’t support Black Lives Matter.

But I do stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- for everyone; innocent people, police, and babies. 

And believe it or not, that doesn’t disqualify me as a pro-life advocate.


Brittany Slaughter

Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses. She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BSlaughterReal.

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