Today is a historical day in America. It’s a day where the side known for the “Silent Majority” has truly awakened the sleeping giant. Today, thousands upon thousands of people stormed the Capitol to protest the unjust and dishonest election results. And it’s a day where the conservative movement is starting to divide.

If you’re proud of your fellow patriots standing up for truth, I’m with you.

If you’re upset with the violence from your own side, I hear you.

It’s okay to feel both.

I’m disgusted that it’s taken breaking into the Capitol for the Democrats to see what we’re capable of. It’s sickening that conservatives have allowed ourselves to be so complacent and quiet for so long that all of a sudden we jump to the extreme of violence to show how we feel. I’m proud that people are finally standing up for truth, but refuse to condone the violence they’re causing, the very violence we condemn Democrats for.

Despite my conflicting emotions, I am and always will be, a conservative. 

I will always stand for what is right, defend the truth to the death if necessary, and fight for the rights guaranteed to Americans- both born and unborn, in the Constitution. I will not bend, break, or falter in my beliefs or allow the Left to brainwash me into something I’m not. Intimidation tactics and fear will not prevail.

I have seen so many posts today saying how disappointed people are in conservatives or how it’s a sad day to be a Republican. I’m disappointed that people have taken the protest too far, and I’m disappointed we haven’t stood up to the government before this, but I’m not going to attack the conservative movement as a whole, we are stronger than that. 

Conservatives, at the heart of all of this needs to be unity. Not the kind that Biden and Harris want, that type of unity is fleeting and temperamental. I’m talking about the kind of unity that is built deep within that cannot be broken. I’m not asking you to condone the violence, but maybe instead of posting how upset you are with your fellow man, why not post asking for prayers for the country or for there to be peace? All that you’re doing by posting your anger and disappointment in your own party is giving Democrats more to talk about and use against you. 

You’re adding to the drama instead of trying to help the problem. Maybe right now instead of one more person posting their angst, what the country could really use is more people praying instead of posting. Whatever you do, and however this plays out, don’t give into the temptation to become an independent or abandon your party. You may not see today as a great day for the conservative movement- that’s okay. 

Giving up on your fellow patriots and the values we fight for, is not. 

I’ll be the first to admit that a Biden/Harris presidency is going to be a complete disaster. If there’s something we can do to prevent that, awesome, but the next four years are more than likely going to be run by Democrats. Conservatives, we can either fold and allow ourselves to be ripped apart by petty politics and destroy ourselves from within, or allow this diversity, chaos, and uncertainty to make us stronger.

It’s our choice. I say we stand strong, band together, and remember who we are- resilient, fierce patriots who love this country and what it stands for.


Brittany Slaughter

Brittany Slaughter is an opinion writer for Her work can be found in The Washington Examiner, Campus Reform, The College Fix, New Right Network, and The Hill. She is published in the book She’s Conservative- Stories of Trials and Triumphs on America’s College Campuses. She is a journalist dedicated to standing up for the truth, even when it is unpopular. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BSlaughterReal.

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  • This was not an attempted coup. This is the result of Americans feeling pushed around with no consideration. The blame for this falls at our politicians of both parties that have been more committed to their own interests than they have been to their constituents. The violence is definitely wrong, but many feel they have been violated so long that today was the final straw. It is the loss of hope people are feeling & the frustration of being lied to repeated by the media & every politician.

    • No truer words have been spoken. I totally agree with you. I too, am tired of unethical politicians and the unethical media.

    • You have spoken what many of us must feel. I will be Conservative until I draw my last breath. I appreciate those like David Harris, Jr. for being true to what he has said throughout. I pray for him, and all of us that are Conservative, for I am afraid the hell is far from over. God bless America and all Patriots.

  • We know who we are. We are not the ones doing this. This is ANTIFA that were brought in by the demonRAT BASTARDS. They are RESPONSIBLE for this. And if you DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT, you SIR, are SAD PATHETIC BAFOON.

  • Unprecedented Assault, Antifa donations go to Actblue and BLM to Both groups burned US Cities and St John’s Church!!!!!!!!!

    What did BLM and AnTifa do with their burning. Burn it Down and Take the Robert Byrd Statues down! Shove the Masks Up Joe Bidens and Lord Fauci and Center of Democrats Control (CDC) Butts!

  • My name is Grace I am an Australian and I have been following the elections since day 1. I knew this would happen, The Democrats would win not by choice of the people but by choice of the CCP’s that is overtaking the world!!!!!!!

    I do agree with LA and do hope the so called judges of America wake up to what is really going on!!!

    God bless the republicans’ of America and don’t give up to the Bidens’ and the Harris’

    Good luck to us all, if the Republicans’ fail so does the rest of the world!!!


  • I agree 100% with what this says. There are a bad few out of thousand no matter what party you come from. We can stand for what we believe in and our faith in God while doing so. But we have to look at this as our rights as an American…. not as a political party. I am conservative because it is closer to what my faith is. But I do not agree that all conservatives are good people and the same goes for Democrats… there’s good and bad. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • It was not our peaceful protesters! It was Antifa and actors bussed in to infiltrate and make us look bad. We did not, do not, condone violence.

  • Wonderful advice! Many of us have been praying for our nation & our President for four years! Sorry to see breaking into Capital, but glad to see that Conservatives are finally waking up. We have been intimidated, ridiculed, and much worse for far too.long
    But yes, let’s stick together, stay strong, and never acquiesce to vile power grabbers and left wing radicals again!
    Thank you for your courage, your empathy, and your wisdom.

  • It was antifa disquised as Trunp supportors that lead the attack. They have be identified. I know you published this before it was known

  • I am so ashamed of our government. l will never recognize Biden or the hoe as our President and VP. They cheated so they did not win and I don’t care who said they did. The American ppl were robbed again today and believe me, the hits will keep on coming so remember to duck!!!

    • I read this article to gain a better understanding of conservatism. I believe that the labels we place on our beliefs sometimes cause people to miss the important aspects of our message. All democrats are not baby killers and all republicans are not bigots. Though I disagree with some of what I read, I only felt the need to respond to yours. When you called the VP elect “a hoe” your position became irrelevant to me. Unless you know her sexual history, it is impossible for you to speak those words factually. As an African American Woman, I immediately felt as though your description of her was racial. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another what you think of me, I seek only to warn you that if you want your words to matter, the hatred in your presentation only makes you sound like an angry white woman.

  • I was there and it was NOT Trump supporters who acted violently and smashed windows etc.
    Please please please stop conflating the event at the Capitol as some bad Trump supporters.
    It was clearly infiltration by Antifa. We saw them along with some BLM.
    We sang the anthem and worship songs, waved banners and flags and met other Maga on the grounds.
    If we do NOT draw a CLEAR distinctoin we are carrying the propaganda water bucket for the communist filth in the US. Other wise known as Democrats.

  • First off what do you mean how conservative behave? It’s this crap that creates plausibility in the Capitol violence. When everyone knows it was setup to make Conservatives look violent. There is something so wrong with that scene when you have bad actors in police uniforms opening the doors waving people to come in. Save that negative shit for some idiot. Give me one explanation for this action..

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