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00:08 It is 4:00 p.m. Wednesday. Today is hump day folks middle of the week.

00:14 Almost over the hump of the week TGIF Devar you know who’s out there with me right now.

00:22 Share this. You know what I want to talk a little bit about our President Trump. People are bashing the crap out of our president. What’s a bikeway. Tricia bless you my sister. Hey Sandra. People are bashing the heck out of our president Donald Trump. You know does he say everything right all the time. You can’t say that he does. Is he a seasoned politician. Obviously not. Are there some things that he could do. Hey Nancy and Michelle. Are there some things you could do differently. I’m going to talk about some of that some of what this deplorable a man that voted for this man a man that voted for our president. Donald Trump I’m not talking about.

01:00 How is he doing. How do you think he’s doing today. Hello Carol. Hey Joanne how do you guys think he’s doing today. In our country. Because that’s what matters right. It’s how is he doing for us the American people Hey Laura. Hey Daniel. Oklahoma deplorable. Laura from Texas. Bless you guys. Thank you for joining me today. Share this because you do what I think deplorable. I think we need to have a good grip on exactly what’s going on. I think we need to have. A good mindset good heart set on exactly what’s going on. Hey Andy and Angel and Danielle. Yeah. Good evening. In Wisconsin it’s that late over there. So thank you. I know Facebook has been taping me down a little bit so if you guys share this I would be. There would be a good help.

01:48 YouTube is giving me all kinds of crap. YouTube is absolutely giving me all kinds of crap and the bashing that I see on my YouTube channel airs Jr on YouTube channel. It’s unreal unreal and it’s all from black folks hey Christopher caught me live. Yes you did. It’s all from black folks man they are giving me crap. For my viewpoints. Why can’t we as adults learn to appreciate and understand. That when we don’t have the same viewpoint as somebody else. We should be able to be confident enough. To listen to somebody else’s viewpoint way what they’re saying and then see if if what they’re saying has no validity for us to actually maybe sway our opinion a little bit. Can men and especially men can men be man enough. To not throw stones not throw words not throw hate.

02:39 Just because somebody doesn’t agree with you can men be man enough to do that. Because I’m having a hard time seeing men. From the left liberals. And especially black men because that’s where it’s coming from. Yeah I’m putting you on blast. It is black men. Go to my YouTube page and read some of these comments. They are downright disgusting. I’m so glad that I’m not I don’t care I’m not I don’t care what people think about me. I do not care what people think about me. I read a couple of these things out loud sometimes I’ll get a notification will pop up on my phone or read it my wife will go. Man. That’s just hateful that’s just. Harsh. She asked me or my daughter they’ll say you does that bother you. Reading all those negative nasty hate filled comments.

03:27 I say no it doesn’t bother me. Doesn’t bother me one bit. Because I know exactly who I am. I know who’s I am. And I know why I’m doing this and I’m doing this because I think that. There’s a lot of us out there that feel and think the same way that I do.

03:43 And and I learned a lot from watching the comments that I see from you guys especially on some of my posts. I see what’s happening out there and I appreciate you guys allow me to be a voice. And so when you share this and I see these things get shared and I read the comments. That’s why I do what I do. Even in the face of taking all his crap. From nasty nasty evil you don’t it’s the evil in the person. I can’t even say it’s the person they’re just wrapped up and tied up in something that they don’t even understand what they’re. Don’t even understand that they’re being used to perpetuate the hate to perpetuate that evil they’re being used to perpetuate it and to spit it and to spew it on other people. They’re being used. They’re being used.

04:32 These comments are so horrible. I mean they’re just bad. Good thing I do not care what people think about me. I’ll take the good and say thank you. But the bad stuff it rolls run off my back. I do not even care. It does not mean anything to me whatsoever.

04:48 But it’s crazy to me that it’s all the black folks that are giving me crap on a regular basis. It is nonstop black folks giving me crap. Check out my YouTube channel you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. David Harris Jr. But I want to talk a bit about our president Donald Trump.

05:07 Because no he doesn’t get every single thing right. No he’s not going to get everything. You know what are we expecting him to be perfect. Fellow deplore most people that voted for Donald Trump. Conservatives that believe that Donald Trump is in this to make America greater than it’s ever been. Do you expect do we expect him to be perfect. Because if we do we’re asking way too much. There’s only one man that can wear that label. That wasn’t perfect and there’s no way that any of us should ever think that we can come close to live in like he did. Perfect. From start to finish. So is Donald Trump going to say some things do some things that maybe some of us don’t agree with. You know what. I don’t think there’s any way that he’s not going to be able to do some of those things that we don’t agree with. But I want to talk about this Pocahontas thing for a minute. Because you know what. A descendant of Pocahontas was actually asked. By the Daily Wire believe. They.

06:08 The Daily Caller actually interviewed her because this is not the first time people on the left. They blow up they take little things and they blow it out of proportion and they just want to bash bash bash and then all of us. That voted and put this man in office. That are thankful that he’s there. Then we’re left with all of this coming back on us see what he’s saying see what he’s talking about. See how racist he is. Well you need to understand this and you need to share this. With people in your conversations and you need to keep it peaceful. Right. We’ve got to win them over with love.

06:40 Folks we’ve got to win them over with love using the term used in the name Pocahontas to X to describe Elizabeth Warren isn’t the first time that’s not the first time he did that wasn’t maybe inappropriate and for those dead Americans well let me let me tell you exactly why he felt confident and comfortable to do that. He was actually he actually talked to a descendant of Pocahontas an actual descendant of Pocahontas Perico. Her name is Debbie White. White Dove Perico. And he asked her. Trump asked her. Does it offend you when I use that name Pocahontas in referencing Elizabeth Warren. And she said no it doesn’t. She said I believe that Pocahontas was alive today she would call you a champion and a hero for people because that’s what she was. So you know I have personal friends of mine that are Native American that have taken that are taken you know great.

07:35 You know I think it’s the I think it’s everything else. It really goes back to the mindset. Do you feel like he’s actually doing something positive for America or do you feel like he’s a detriment to America. Because if you feel like he’s a detriment then nothing he does is going to be good enough and every little thing that he says that’s maybe questionable you’re going to throw up his face and all of our faces and say See I told you he’s a racist. He doesn’t care about the people. So then you have to ask yourself. We have to check our own emotions and we have to look at the overall picture. And I think it’s really clear you know and again he used that whole reference to Elizabeth Warren because she claimed you know there is no proof she claimed that she had Native American in her blood nor to get a job as a professor. At a university.

08:20 300 some thousand dollars she got a job because she claims she was Native American. Even though there’s no proof of that. So it’s because of that fact that he even has used the term loosely for her. But the fact that he actually asked that takes humility. He asked Debbie White Dove. He said when it doesn’t offend you and she said no she said I believe that. Pocahontas would actually say you’re a champion of the people and she would support you and she supports Donald Trump. So I believe it comes back to a place where we have to ask ourselves is he doing good for America.

08:56 People. Is he doing good for America. Well let’s look at job growth is through the roof unemployment rate unemployment rates the lowest in 17 years. The Dow Jones is exploding. Jobs are coming back into the United States. You know the whole the Dakota pipeline thing again. I had friends that said they went there and they said the pipeline was going around where it needed to go around it wasn’t going right through stuff that was tearing things up. He’s doing what he can to create jobs and he’s making us a force to be looked at too to other countries in the world.

09:28 That other countries look at us and they say OK the United States isn’t playing around. He didn’t go out and bowed to every other Saudi king and prince and every other president of every other country like our last President Obama did. He didn’t go around bowing and apologizing for us as the United States being the big bad bully you know and doing things that we shouldn’t he didn’t do that he leads with strength and humility and he honors other leaders.

09:51 That’s great for the United States in the eyes of everybody else. Other countries look at the United States and they they they honor the United States. Now. I think I know.

10:01 We were actually looked down upon the Prezi United States shouldn’t be bound to anybody. I’m sorry. He the United States the greatest country on earth should not be bowing to anybody other than the man upstairs. You hear me. And Donald Trump has done that only when he opens his heart up and opens the oval office up to invite Christian leaders. From all different backgrounds and walks different spheres to come in and invites them in for prayer. He’s huge he’s humbling himself to the king of kings. He’s humbling himself but not to other leaders. That’s not what we need. And he has not been. That way to other leaders other leaders know that he means business and he’s not playing around. So the question is is Donald Trump good for America. Is he doing good for America. Here’s the real question.

10:50 What would we have been living with. Had Hillary taken office. Because that was the only. That’s. The only other option. So everybody out there if you if you listen to me this far. Here’s the real question. Where would we be right now had Hillary taken office. That is the real question. I don’t think I think we would have seen an extension. Of Barack Obama’s policies and his international policies. I think we would have seen an extension of that. We would have seen extension of her pay for play the stuff that’s coming out.

11:23 You know I’m going if they’re going to talk about it tomorrow. There’s a port the Canal Port Canaveral in Florida was actually given a deal by the United Emirates a united Arab Arab Emirates a company that owned by the United Arab Emirates now has a 35 year contract with a with an expansion in Port Canaveral. One of the main ports the United States and Florida they have a 35 year contract.

11:51 They got that under the Clinton’s watch the Obama watch. And under the Clintons watch there was massive pay for play folks. It would have been an extension of that had Hillary been in office. And here’s the main thing. Here’s the absolute main thing you’re right. Nothing won’t change Patti. The main thing is babies. Would have still been getting murdered. In higher rates it would have been expanding she wanted to expand partial birth abortion up to the time the baby is born. Listen to that. How insane is that. She said it out of her own mouth. You can YouTube it. Human Rights. The rights of the unborn. For Hillary Clinton. You can YouTube it and see her say it. She said she did not believe that a baby had rights until it came out of the womb. She wanted to expand partial birth abortion folks.

12:48 So we’ve got to keep things in mind. When maybe Trump doesn’t say or do exactly what we think that he should be doing or maybe he said something that. That wasn’t in the in the right frame of mind that we think. I always wonder why it’s the liberals that get so upset and pissed off about stuff. When the people themselves that are in the room don’t even get upset. The descendant of Pocahontas doesn’t get upset. It’s a mindset. Do we believe and feel like he’s doing something good for our country. Because if we do we’ll give the man grace.

13:21 If we believe the lies and the left leaning liberal garbage and propaganda that comes at us from everywhere. I mean think about this. Time magazine had Obama who I absolutely believe was one of the worst presidents in our history. Out for himself and even the Muslim agenda the Sharia law agenda. Obama was not a lover of our country folks. You’ve seen the pictures of him carrying the book that was basically a post apocalyptic world with the United States that had been crumbled and crushed he was reading that book. He endorsed and push.

13:56 Marxist thinking and ideologies. And again he was raised by communist. I do not believe that that man had it good intentions for our country. And yet Time magazine had him on the cover 22 times 22 times. Time magazine had him on the cover. And now they want to give crap to Trump. They want to say oh we didn’t we didn’t say that we’re going to we want you on the cover. We didn’t say that we were going to put you on the cover. You know who they are thinking about putting on the cover of Time magazine. This tells you exactly how far gone so many people are so many massive organizations are. Time magazine is thinking about putting Linda Sarsour on the cover of Time magazine as Person of the year.

14:44 A very active Muslim that pushes and promotes sharia law which is full of negatives for women for homosexuals. You think liberals will be up in arms about anything that has to do with Sharia law because there’s no there’s no room for you liberals. There’s no room for room for the LGBT. There’s no room for for women. You’ve got to cover your head you’ve got to submit and it’s OK for a you know the thing about Islam. I posted a video last night. I’m so thankful for guys like Milo. That have an understanding of Sharia and of Islam and can really help put things in perspective with people. The thing about Islam is this. Here’s the major. Other than all the other stuff that’s obviously blatant. About about what sharia law represents. Here’s the other thing. But beside the fact that Mohammad was a pedophile that’s known.

15:39 I mean you again Greece do your own research. He married a nine year old. They debate on whether she was 8 or 9. Actually she was six and then it says they didn’t she didn’t consummate. He didn’t consummate until she was nine. Are you freaking kidding me. And that’s the leader of their of their faith and their movement. That’s all that’s all that aside here’s the problem that I have. So-called moderate Muslims. Are going to choose Sharia law. Over the Constitution. It’s their faith. They have to. And if they’re choosing sharia law over the constitution. Then they are OK with stonings. They’re OK with stoning women. That were even maybe I mean look at do your own research. On the honor killings of fathers and husbands to their daughters. Because they were didn’t dress appropriately because they looked at a boy.

16:35 And the father or the husband said that’s worth stoning. That’s Sharia law. Linda Sarsour is a is a proponent. She’s an activist for Sharia law and time magazine is considering putting her on the front.

16:52 Of their publication as Person of the year. Are you kidding me. That tells you exactly. What’s going on with the powers that be the elite. Establishment wants to rip our country apart folks. The elite establishment wants to rip our country apart and they use propaganda at every single turn magazines television CNN and all the fake news all the fake news that floods social media. It is. We came this close. Had Hillary been in office Linda Sarsour would probably be in the White House with her. She would probably be right there next to her. Implementing and bringing in people. Muslim Brotherhood. That do not want the Constitution the United States to stand that was Sharia law to take over. And they want to put all us Americans in our place of submission.

17:49 Especially you women and you gays. You know I love all people period. I had somebody post earlier. They said you know the tenet of the Christian faith is the Old Testament. No it’s not. The Old Testament the Old Testament was was completed with the person of Jesus.

18:09 If you don’t find it in the life of Jesus and this is just simple. This is my theology but this is just really simple for anybody that wants to debate faith wants to debate religion if you can’t find it in the person of Jesus then that’s not who God is and that’s not who he is who he’s trying to be represented as to us in our day and age. He completed unfinished the Old Testament the Old Covenant and the new covenant is based on loving our neighbor as we love ourself and loving God first.

18:38 If if you can’t find it in the person of Jesus in the life of Jesus in the first four books of the New Testament then that’s not who God is he is full of love and mercy compassion. Period. Islam is completely opposite Islam. I learned something watching Milo’s video when he talked about how anything that was that contradicts itself in Islam though that the writings that were later in the Koran actually are are the ones that take precedence over earlier writings. Well guess what. Guess what. The earlier writings in Islam were the ones that maybe talk more about peace and love and unity. It’s the later verses in the Koran where Mohammed talks about destroying your enemy and keeping your women into submission.

19:22 There’s no that’s a clear different separation from Christianity. What it should be and what the tenets of our faith are in Islam and everything else. I’ll throw this at you here. Here’s one thing that really separates for all you people that really do look at religion study religion and you wanted to see what the differences are. Here’s the real separation. This is the one thing that separates Christianity true the heart of Christianity the heart of the Bible separates it from every other religion. I don’t care where you’re at in the spectrum. You should know this. Every other religion says you can reach God through your own efforts. Every religion. Except Christianity every religion says you can reach God through your own efforts. You’re good enough. You pray enough you do good enough. You go to church enough. You go to mass enough Islam you pray five times you do all these things.

20:12 They all say they all say if you do enough you can reach God. If you deny yourself enough you can reach God all other faith all faiths say that. The true message of the Bible is that there’s nothing good enough that you can do to arrange a perfect pure and holy God.

20:30 And that’s why he allowed his son to come and pay the sacrifice that we could accept that sacrifice as a gift. That’s the separation between Christianity and every other religion. That is the separation. God came down from the form of his son. Which is another one I’ll share with you later how that even works. But that he came down and he sacrificed himself so that we could accept a free gift to be reunited with the father that separates us a Christianity from every other religion on the spectrum. Period. I didn’t mean to get on that soapbox but hey I went where when. So when it comes to time magazine putting Linda Sarsour. On the cover of Time magazine on their cover they put Obama on their cover 22 times and they want to talk crap about our president Trump. We have to go back and ask ourselves.

21:23 Who are we listening to. And then who are we going to listen to. Because it’s obvious that the elites the establishment that so many news organizations are ran by companies that are closely connected to George Soros a man that actually helped and aided in the rounding up of Jews during Nazi Germany during that time period. He rounded them up. He wants the ultimate destruction for the United States. And he’s got billions and billions of dollars. To help him do his thing. We have to keep in mind where we’re at. And who could have been in office had Hillary been in office. I think they have been around and Christians up. There have been taking all our guns. There’s no more second amendment. There would have been taken all our guns and they would have rounded up people that say you know what your faith. Yeah you’re an extremist.

22:19 Ha ha ha ha. I’m an extremist.

22:23 I’m an extremist of love promoting love. But hey I’m not afraid to pull out my nine and use it to defend my family. But it comes to my house.

22:32 So let’s keep in mind who is in the White House what he’s doing what the overall plan is let’s not set ourselves up for heartache by thinking that he’s going to do every single thing perfectly because he’s not going to do every single thing perfectly. But let’s remember what could have been in the White House who could have been in the White House bill could have been back in the White House and they would have been covering all their tracks for all their pay to play and all the other shenanigans that have been going on for decades. And we. Would have been the ones. Stuck. Misinformation.

23:07 No guns. It would have been bad folks. It would’ve been bad. So God bless you if this resonated with you please share this. Check out my YouTube page David Harris Jr.. Check out my Dakang David Harris Jr. dot com share my message and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow 4:00 p.m. Pacific time Monday through Friday. God bless you. We’ll talk again soon.


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