00:03 Well folks we’re coming up on December 12th the date that Alabama will select who will be in that Senate seat. Will it be the conservative Roy Moore who has been battling sexual allegations and misconduct from 20 30 even 40 years ago. Or will it be Doug Jones the liberal Democrat. Some important things to note is that currently 71 percent of the Republicans in Alabama do not believe the allegations against Roy Moore while a third of the Republicans say they want to vote for Roy Moore because they don’t believe the allegations. The third say that they want to vote for Roy because they don’t want another liberal in the Senate dictating policies for their state.

00:42 We don’t need a liberal person or a Democrat going look at his record. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

00:53 Day. Doug Jones is a classic liberal Democrat. He’s soft on crime. The one place that we should not be soft on especially when it comes to illegal immigration which he’s actually for he wants open borders and then he wants to take away our guns. He’s against the Second Amendment folks. This is classic liberal Democrat. This is the kind of people that we do not want continuing to push their agenda on our American people. Think of Kate stylee who’s murderer was just let off in San Francisco due to the politicians there being soft on crime and soft on immigration. But I can. Judge. Somebody. On. Crime. Like. One thing is for sure folks. We the People need to continue to speak up. We need to support our brothers and sisters that are pushing the conservative agenda. We need to support those that are supporting our president Donald Trump because only when we support those that are supporting our president in office will we truly drain the swamp.

01:55 I truly believe that this is a smear campaign against Roy Moore. He’s absolutely denied it. And again it comes down to this do you want somebody that’s tough on crime that’s tough on the borders. They want legal immigration that wants border security that wants to allow us the American people to keep our guns or do you want the opposite. I think the choice is clear and Alabama. I hope you make the right decision. David J. Harris Jr. here if you like this message please share it. And like my page you can also check me out on YouTube David Harris Jr. Dopp.


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