00:11 Did you see the.

00:14 Ladies on The View. OH MY GOD. OH Breaking News. ABC News Brian Ross says reporting Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mullar team and is prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the.

01:03 Breaking news.

01:06 You like like that wasn’t already scripted like they didn’t plan on doing this.

01:11 Oh my gosh. Oh they’re so excited to read this.

01:19 Breaking news. Oh my God. Breaking it.

01:23 So they had just come back from a commercial break but they wanted this guy to come out as soon as they came back from a commercial and give this card and say breaking news. Oh my goodness. I wish I could have saw the look on all of their faces when they found out it was a bunch of B.S. and that they were the ones reporting fake news. I

01:45 bet you look something like this.

02:05 What happens when you don’t take your man. You joke. About. How. My.

02:38 USA USA. Well thank you ladies of The View for actually giving us something to enjoy on your show to make contact with the Roxanne’s.

02:49 Or liberals when are you going to get it to your heads. There was no rush to collusion. There’s nothing there’s nothing going to come out of this entire investigation. I believe what’s actually going to come out of this investigation is going to be stuff is going to prove Donald Trump right. It is going to expose the liberal left agenda that both Hillary and Obama were pushing on our country. It was not America first with those people in office. It was them first it was their wallets first it was their bank accounts first it wasn’t America first. David J. Harris Jr. here say if you like this message if you got a laugh please share it and like my page and check me out at David Ayres Jr. dotcom.

The next day, the view quickly responded to the error.  Do you think this was a sincere apology or a them trying to rebuild their ego?

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