00:07 So let me get this straight. An illegal alien a man that had been deported. Five times already from our country gets a hold of a weapon. A gun a stolen gun out of a police cruiser and that gun goes off. Killing a 29 year old.

00:33 Woman as she’s walking arm in arm with her father on the San Francisco pier and gets away with murder. Are you kidding me. Is this the world we’re living in right now. Is this the America. That. You and I are living in. Kate Steinle and her family.

01:01 They deserve absolute justice. I was just at the pier. I was just in San Francisco last weekend with my daughter. I can’t even imagine what that family must be going through to have their daughter taken away from them 29 years old taken away from them. And he gets off. With Just Being deported again. He was already scheduled to be deported for a sixth time a sixth time when he shoots and kills this innocent girl.

01:38 Look at this girl Kate Katie. We have failed you.

01:48 We the American people we failed you. We allowed people to get into office that do not hold America’s best interest in mind. We allow people to get into positions of authority that think that it is OK for illegals to come into our country and that we don’t need to get them out of our country once they’re here. We’ve allowed a system to continue to progress. That puts the safety of illegal immigrants over the safety of Americans. Katie We are sorry. We’re sorry that we’ve finally stood up and rose up together and put a man in office Donald Trump that puts the priority the safety of Americans at the top priority. We’re sad word that when we finally put him in office we’re glad he’s here. But we are sorry that the system has absolutely failed you. This man was deported five times he was on seven felony. Charges already.

02:55 He had seven felony charges I guess three strikes and you’re out does not count if you’re an illegal immigrant. You know the only people that are having a party right now the only people that are excited. I can’t imagine any American being excited for this verdict and illegal possession of a firearm a deadly weapon even the charges for first degree murder second degree murder involuntary manslaughter not even not even guilty.

03:23 Of of firing or a deadly weapon and murder. Not even guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. All he gets is a slap on the wrist. You know who’s excited over this verdict illegals illegal immigrants that want to come to this country and do our country harm. They are throwing a frickin party right now while American 11 people like you and I are absolutely disgraced.

03:47 We are absolutely disgraced. You

03:49 know this isn’t the first time this young man right here this young man Jamiel Shaw murdered by two immigrants in Los Angeles in 2008. Where is Black Lives Matter. They only care about black lives. Where is Black Lives Matter when this young man was walking home from school.

04:14 From football practice and is murdered by illegals. Where are they and where are you.

04:20 Wilhem you only care about black lives when it serves you both. Both Jamil Shaw and Katy. They need retribution. We the American people need to get these people out of office that are putting illegal immigrants first. They don’t need to come first. We need to come first America first. I’m so thankful that we put Donald Trump in office that he believes in and is pushing America first. This man was acquitted. He’s said to be deported again. What the heck is that going to do. Illegals are throwing a stinking party right now. These sanctuary cities these sanctuary states. It is absolutely un American that we should have such a statute that allows an immigrant an illegal immigrant to come to a certain area and feel is there they’re protected they are protected even if they’re charged with murder. This man was charged with first degree second degree murder manslaughter.

05:20 Assault with a deadly weapon. He got off on all of them. The only thing that he got that he got charged for was he was a felon in possession of a handgun. Are you kidding me. This young woman’s life is gone. Her family is left with a void because she was walking in the wrong place in a sanctuary city with her dad. We need to boycott San Francisco. I’m not going back to San Francisco. If you believe this if you want to share this please share this. Let’s boycott San Francisco. I’m done given that city my money just like the NFL. We have to we have to put our money where our mouth is. We have to vote with our dollars and we have to make them feel that US the American people have spoken. Please share this video. David J. Harris Jr. here I’ll be back at 4:00 to share some thoughts on this and some other stuff as well. God bless you.


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