00:07 Has a really doing on this fine friday T.G.I  yes we got to be thankful for Friday we can be thankful for everyday of the week but we can be thankful that the swamp is being exposed. Up Is anybody else out there excited that the swap is being exposed. This is what Donald Trump ran on. Drain the swamp drain the swamp drain the swamp the swamp is being drained. Hey Victor Hey shark. Thanks guys for checking in Isaac. You guys were checking in today. Are you guys paying attention. Are you hearing what is happening. Where do you get your news from. Where are you getting your news because hopefully it’s not the mainstream media if you aren’t at all paying attention to what’s taking place with all of the the all the edits that combing did and that. That the FBI agents that have been on the case as far as they’re supposed to be investigating collusion. The people that are supposed to be investigating Donald Trump it’s coming out that they’re the ones that were that were twisting everything from the beginning. Up.

01:18 Oh my goodness gracious. Are you kidding me. I’m going to move this over. We’re a little bit because I do have notes folks I have notes that I try to go off. I’m thankful for Jennifer Foxworth bringing me some notes and then I’ll I’ll study those notes to check them out and make sure that they’re they’re always epic they’re always amazing. But are you paying attention and I’m sorry for yesterday’s broadcast. Yes I got cut off. Apparently Facebook didn’t like me sharing or something was going on. They didn’t like me what I was sharing yesterday so I get a retaped. To recap that in a minute as well. But first of all are you seeing what’s going on the text messages between the people the FBI. How

01:57 far has the FBI fallen especially in the eyes of the public. How are we supposed to trust to believe the FBI. How are we supposed to believe anything they say and this should be the highest form of regulation of government.

02:10 It’s among the highest there are the untouchables when it comes to the elite police chief being people that are making sure that the truth and that justice prevail. And it’s coming out that the FBI has been totally twisted and totally swayed. It is it is absolutely baffling to me. Absolutely baffling to me. Trey Gowdy he just ripped he ripped into that one guy. I mean he just straight up said it he broke it down. There should be no conflict of interest with the people that are supposed to be investigating a conflict of interest.

02:44 How hard is that to understand. And yet here we’ve got FBI FBI agents that are sending text messages about Donald Trump. Cohen him the enemy basically saying there’s no way he’s going to win and that he’s got special insurance he’s got insurance to make sure that Trump doesn’t win. This is the FBI. But folks the truth is coming out. That is what is so exciting. They

03:07 cannot hide this. If Hillary had won the election this would have all gotten pushed underneath the carpet. It would have all gotten pushed to a place where none of us would’ve been able to see any of it. Every

03:18 single American no matter who you voted for you should not want to stand for that type of corruption. That is just pure corruption and bias at the highest level of our government. Because what if it was against your party candidate what if it was against somebody that you were voting for they you supported. And what if it was lies. It was slander. What if what if who some of you were supporting. That’s why it doesn’t matter what side of the fence we’re on the truth coming out and being exposed is so important for America. That is part of America becoming great again is the truth being exposed. So the fact that Gowdy actually actually he actually just said Trey Gowdy said What the hell is going on with the FBI. What the hell is going on with the FBI when the Special Counsel that has been brought in to make sure there’s no conflict of interest is conflicted in of themselves.

04:13 Let me let me let me read you some of the highlights here. This is absolutely astounding to me. These are some of the redactions as well. It’s come out that the FBI agent has literally changed what should have absolutely Hillary should have been brought up on charges folks. Hillary should have been brought up on charges and she wasn’t. Because the statements were changed literally changed so that they did not read something that was breaking the law. It was more like well it was kind of bent. So in addition to this highly sensitive information. I’m reading this. This is definitely this is specifically the edits that were revealed from the document that comi wound up presenting as evidence. It said grossly negligent.

05:05 It supports interference that the participants were grossly negligent grossly negligent. I’m sure you heard this grossly negligent means that somebody was responsible for something potentially getting into the hands of somebody that should be able to get into grossly negligent is exactly where the law is crossed and where they where she could have been drawn up on charges and instead of grossly negligent they changed it to perhaps perhaps it wasn’t the best the best way that she did it. It’s absolutely baffling to me. Here’s another here’s another and another fact another point of fact in Aberdeen. We all know and have seen how human Aberdeen is directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. She’s got family in the Muslim Brotherhood. Now I don’t care who you are. You have to know that there is an absolute attack an onslaught that’s trying to infiltrate not only our country but is already infiltrating some countries in the in the in the EU and in and into the United Kingdom and certain areas you can literally be brought up on charges for saying anything negative whatsoever or whatsoever against Islam.

06:18 There is no freedom of speech in certain countries because Islam was allowed to infiltrate and take over and begin to dominate their will which is Sharia law. And that’s why Islam can never mix with the United States because Islam is about to Sharia law. While we are devout to the Constitution. The two do not mix they cannot mix. It’s impossible for them to mix. So when human Aberdeen who is Hillary Clinton’s right hand Lady it has come out now that she literally removed five boxes physical boxes out of the state department that were including records described as Muslim engagement.

06:58 Why would she be allowed to remove five boxes that are that were described as Muslim Engagement documents. Why would she be allowed to do that. The heads are about to roll heads are absolutely going to roll. I think the swap is absolutely being drained and people are wanting names. There’s people in Congress that are names. They say we want the names so the so far they’ve got four names between comi. They’ve got Peter Struck. He’s the guy that was sending the text messages. And he’s also the person that was modifying the description encomiums 2016 findings. He even interviewed Michael Flynn. So we’re first struck to come out for it to come out that struck was supposed to be on the side of Americans. And yet he was not he was out to get Donald Trump. This is bigger than Watergate.

07:56 This is bigger than anything that’s taking place in our country’s history before. And can you imagine if Hillary had gotten in office none of us would have seen the truth. None of us would have had any idea what had gone on to help keep the hush hush and the corruption and power. We all need to say thank you that Donald Trump got in office and that the swamp is being drained. So with that let’s look at an avenue. She takes these things these boxes that are all about the Muslims out of out of the state department. Guess what the fastest growing religion is in the world. And yet it’s called them the religion of peace. Yeah it’s Islam. You know I don’t always go religious on boat folks to talk about religion but I think it’s important when we understand and see the writing on the wall that the number one fastest growing religion in the world in the world.

08:51 Is Islam. And yet they want the identity they want the title religion of peace. I have a problem with that because there’s a Web site you can go there the religion of peace dot com. Go to the religion of peace dot com and look at the list of Islamic terrorist attacks. There has been 106 terrorist attacks Islam attacks in just the last 30 days spanning over 19 countries.

09:20 And killing 6900 60 people. That’s just in the last 30 days. They literally list out month by month by month. Exactly what this religion of peace is doing. They’re not assimilating people. Islam does not want to assimilate. They want to dominate and they will infiltrate into positions of authority and leadership in politics until they can persuade their ideologies into the political system. And then before you know what we have what’s happening with with Jane Frankin I believe it is over in the UK who literally has been arrested and brought up on charges for speaking her mind about Islam. For me what I’m doing right now. For me doing what right now and bringing facts to people about Islam. If I was in that country I could be thrown in jail. Is that what you want come to the United States.

10:10 Because that’s what was coming again. You think your lucky stars think God above that Hillary Clinton did not get into office because had she got into office that would have continued to grow rapidly in Aberdeen and all the other people in positions of authority that are Muslim that are Islam that do not want to assimilate. They want to infiltrate dominate and take over would have been in charge. And before we know it we’re a little peas on the pod that are dealing with.

10:38 The disasters that are taking place now to cover really quick.

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11:27 There’s my plug for the day for my shameless plug for the company that my wife and I started. So I’m going to recap really quick because this is important and I got cut off yesterday. I was talking about how black women had the hash tag. Black women is all over social media right now because apparently I is Sherry star David because apparently it’s black women not apparently it is black women that got Dubb Jones elected in Alabama. My video I posted a couple days ago is going crazy 300 310000 views on somebody literally. He had we done it by accident. It had to be an accident that he came out and said that him and his friends that are all part of a cult or whatever they’re part of. All came to Alabama to rally together to canvass and to vote yes he admitted voter fraud.

12:17 I hope this guy hope they find this guy and it comes out. But here’s the other problem that I have that we the people have to get the message out. Because I’m just tired. I’m so tired of hearing the negative rhetoric especially from black folks calling me Uncle Tom and saying I’ve sold out. When it’s you it’s the black people that still vote democrat that have sold out. That are that are that are twisted in your mind in your thinking even if you don’t vote you know what if you don’t think the way that I do. I’m not going to call you names. I’m not going to I’m not going to try to degrade you personally as a person. But I will challenge what you believe and ask you why you believe it. And I think that’s exactly what needs to take place more of in our country especially with our young people of color.

13:02 And I don’t care what color you are. Every single person should be educated or educated on the foundation of the Democrat Party. And its affiliation with the KKK. Every single person. Because the fact that there are still black people today voting democrat baffles me. Absolutely baffles me. Ninety six percent of the black voters in Alabama voted for Dow Jones. Ninety eight percent of black women in Alabama voted. For Doug Jones. Do you know what Doug Jones stands for. You know what he represents he does not represent school choice. That’s a huge fact. That’s a huge and very very important issue and topic for black communities and Hispanic communities you know why. Because for so many black people they live in communities that are run down.

13:48 They live in areas that are rundown the schools don’t get the funding because the area and the funding for the schools is based on the money in that area. And so unfortunately a lot of the schools most of the schools in the lower area more impoverished areas which are in a lot of times are filled with more blacks and Hispanics and even Asians they don’t have the schooling they don’t have the teeth the teachers they don’t get the support from the state and local government on the books. And so they don’t get the proper schooling they don’t get the best schooling. Why wouldn’t why wouldn’t any parent want to be able to use a voucher to say I want my kid to go to that school because I I know about that school. I know what they represent.

14:28 I know exactly that. They specialize in the things that my son or my daughter is going to grow in and wants to be a part of. Who would not want to be able to have choice over where their kid goes to school rather. Would you rather have the school systems the local the local community the local state the unions dictate where your kids go to school. We’ll hash tag black women. Yes you voted for Doug Jones. That does not want school vouchers. He does not want you to have a say so in where your kids go to school. He does not want you to have a say so in how you or your kids get educated. He wants the state to be able to decide that for you. And he doesn’t want to give you the power to be able to help your kids get the proper education they may need if that’s in a school that’s not in your area.

15:11 He is not for school choice. What about this one. He’s also for as Democrats are higher taxes and higher regulations. Who

15:19 in the world wants higher taxes or higher regulations. The government needs to get out of our part of our back pockets as much as possible. We need the government out of the stuff that we’re doing. We don’t need them anymore stuff that we’re doing. Donald Trump is all about smaller government given the power back to the people back to the states. And let us do our own stuff. Now we need a lot of prayer here in California that much we a lot of help in California. But Doug Jones is for higher taxes and higher regulations. What about this when it comes to black unemployment.

15:50 I think this is about where I got cut off yesterday. You know that unemployment for black individuals under Obama averaged over 10 percent for his eight years that he was in office it averaged over 10 percent. Trump has been in office not even a year yet and that number is down to seven point four percent unemployment for for the black American. That is a good number. We’ve had 85. The USA has had 85 record highs in the Dow. Anybody that has a job anywhere that has a 401k retirement anybody that wants to work that is great. For America when we’ve got record highs in the Dow. So what about this black women hash tag. Black women again. Ninety eight percent of black women in Alabama voted for Jones. How disturbing is this. I found this researching online that literally Planned Parenthood who is a total they don’t Planned Parenthood then don’t plan anything but disgusting degrading sadistic really.

16:50 I mean we think about who in their right mind would chop up a baby into little pieces. That’s exactly what’s happening in partial birth abortion and abortion. The babies just still inside the womb. I think it’s sadistic myself. But for somebody to agree with partial birth abortion where they literally will take the baby part of the way out except for the head and then begin to take pieces off and scramble the brain and it’s just disgusting stuff and then they sell the parts. Folks they sell the baby parts even if you are for choice. For the women which I don’t. I think it’s absolutely murder especially when science has proven that after 20 weeks of a fetus a baby inside the womb the baby can feel pain.

17:30 If the baby can feel pain that it’s it’s murder. That should be clear clear cut period. Doug Jones is not for that. He’s all for woman’s choice. He’s all for women’s choice to murder their unborn baby. But what about this. What about the the the abortion factory known as Planned Parenthood whose literal Foundation from Margus Margaret Sanger said that Negroes are like weeds and they need to be chopped off. She was all for euthanasia euthanizing sterilizing female females making it so females could not have babies black females could not have babies. When you understand. That Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory.

18:14 Add this element to it. Black women. Add this element to it. 80 percent of Planned Parenthood. Clinics abortion factories are within walking distance of black communities 80 percent. In fact since 2014 they launched 25 new mega abortion clinics. Ten thousand square foot abortion facilities called Planned Parenthood’s 10000 square feet so they can do massive number of abortions and do what they want with the baby parts.

18:48 And guess what. 22 out of the 25 new abortion clinics. Are within a two mile walking distance to black communities. They’ve positioned them specifically in the black communities. So hash tag black women. Yeah you’re voting for and supporting somebody that supports Planned Parenthood. And

19:09 that’s where the separation is because this nation our country needs to understand the differences between the platforms the Demmer the Democrat liberal platform is for abortion period. My first video that went crazy and went viral a little over a year ago. That was the biggest stance that I had was there was no way that I could vote for Hillary knowing that she was not only for abortion but she was for a partial partial birth abortion. She wanted to expand the abortion rights of the parent of the mother literally. Up until the time that that baby was born and I about flu blew a gasket when she boldly proclaimed that she said the unborn baby no matter how old far along the mother is has no rights. You can go find it and research it for yourself when you are voting for the Democrat Party.

19:59 You are supporting that platform. So the fact that Doug Jones just won an Alabama that should be a wakeup call a reality check to every single warm blooded country loving God love in American in this nation that we need to make sure that we get out and vote. And I believe that on the back side there’s things that are taking place to help to expose the voter fraud so that the voter fraud that just happened in Alabama doesn’t happen around the rest of the country as well. So that’s what I’ve got for you today is Friday. God bless you guys. Keep calm and trust God. Go to my Web site encored wellness uncork lowness dot com. Use the coupon code. David first to saving 20 percent are Apparel’s 50 percent off. What else. That’s it. It’s going to be an amazing rest of the year.

20:50 The truth is coming out the swamp is being exposed and we are winning. So God bless you have a great rest of your day. We’ll talk to you all again on Monday and then go live over the weekend we’ll see by.


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