Finish Strong, Corbin!

I’ve just had a daddy-daughter date with my almost 21-year-old Corbin. And it was amazing. Papa gave me some incredible revelation as she asked me some questions about some things. So at dinner, I shared with her. (She’s at BSSM. She’s got 4 weeks left at BSSM. She’s getting antsy. Papa’s given her the green light to move to LA sometime towards the end of the year. So she’s feeling antsy and wants to go.)

I just encouraged her. I said, “Finish strong, Sweetheart, finish strong. Milk every little bit of honey—every last drop of honey and goodness out of these last four weeks that you’ve got. Because then, once it’s over, it’s over. You’ve had an incredible year, but you may get more out of the last four weeks to really help cement everything you’ve gotten so far. But you may miss it if you’re looking into the future.

Focus on Becoming a Finisher

So make sure you focus on being a strong finisher. Really focus on making a lifestyle, and creating a habit, of being a strong finisher. The world is full of people who started things and then never completed them…they never completed them.

I believe that a lot of times the blessing that God has for us is not only in the process (because we can grow in the process while we’re on the journey of co-laboring and creating something with Papa God—and that should be our goal—to co-labor and create something with Him).

So we can, and will, if we learn to operate from a place of rest—believing that He that’s gone before us knows the end from the beginning, knows everything that we will ever go through in life, has already been in our tomorrow, and has already seen our tomorrow and seen our today and seen every second of our today. If we then will choose to believe that He will use all things to work together for good because we love Him and because we’re going after Him and are operating from that place of rest.

The Blessing of Completion

There is blessing in the process. However, I believe that the greatest blessing occurs upon completion of a journey. It can be the completion of writing a book, writing a song, forming a song…the completion of a business idea, a business venture. The world is full of people who have started things and never finished them. A great, great man full of wisdom I heard shared that the most wealthiest places on earth are the cemeteries because they’re full of all of the ideas, and dreams, and songs, and poems, and books, and business concepts that were thought of—maybe even started—and then never finished. The person died before they brought it to completion.

So I was sharing with my daughter, “Be a finisher. Be a strong finisher. Finish strong. Choose to finish strong. And choose to create a lifestyle of finishing strong. And in doing that, you will create a lifestyle that, I believe, will have massive, massive blessing and favor on it.”

Never Give Up—Never Say Die

I shared that in my current company that I’m in, that I started, I have a “never give up, never say die” attitude, partially because—largely in part due to the fact that—I’ve had things that I’ve started in the past that I didn’t finish. I know that there were ideas that God gave me when I was in my 20s that, had I brought them to fruition, had the potential to be multi-million dollar ideas, but I didn’t bring them to completion—I didn’t finish them.

So I’m speaking from experience—now having started this journey and having a company that’s a multi-million dollar company with extreme power and potential—I’m speaking from that place of being a finisher…being a strong finisher. So that was Part One of the night with my daughter.


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