David J Harris Jr.


Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur. Host of The David J. Harris Jr. Show.



Unapologetically patriotic, David Harris Jr. endeavors to help society discover what it truly means to keep America great.

David Harris Jr. is an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host who delivers thought-provoking and engaging presentations that challenge audiences to pay attention to important political, social, and economic issues. Listeners appreciate his honest and relatable approach to topics focusing on the conservative culture and pro-life movement. Using his own life experiences and faith-based direction, he brings a passionate and unique message tailored to each event.

David regularly serves as a guest speaker, panelist and keynote speaker at a variety of venues and functions across the country. He has shared the stage with many notable individuals, such as Kirk Cameron, Dinesh D’Souza, Candace Owens, and Charlie Kirk. He has interviewed guests on his show such as Herschel Walker, Ted Nugent, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Matt Gaetz to name a few. His most recent interview with was with President Donald J Trump.

Reaching millions of people through his social media channels, podcast show, and book, Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent, David strives to break down the racial, political, and assumptive barriers that are currently causing division throughout our nation. Taking a stand for the Constitution and freedom of every American, he frequently appears as a guest on Fox, Fox & Friends, and several shows on the OAN Network and NewsMax networks.